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Bentley Acoustics review


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January 14, 2018

Werner Smit - Long time audio enthusiast 

So, as stated above, the centre was my first priority. Then I got to see the FS-150's, and more importantly, I got to hear them. There was no turning back, I had to have a pair...


Werner Smit

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June 22, 2018

Stefen Paans - Audiophile

I hooked them up to the Yamaha RX-A2070, changed the impedance to 6 Ohms, ran the YPAO (automatic configuration) 8 positions, allowed it to calibrate, set it up ...


Stefen Paans

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December 28, 2017

Cinema King - High end HiFi installations 

Start with the FR100 bookshelf's. Out the box they start to impress, heavy and not small at all, built quality is good for a speaker of this price! 


Morne Seyffert

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February 02, 2019

Without giving away too much, I am very impressed and would recommend these in a heartbeat to anyone, even to those  discerned individuals. 
So first off, unwrapping these speakers...


Bernhardt Rüsch

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November 18, 2018

Carl Koen - Audiophile & HiFi expert.

For the last couple of years I had been running a Marantz 5006 with Infinity Beta 10 and Beta 50s accompanied by a Jamo Sub 360 and Infinity Kappa center. Needless to say, the sound was amazing...


Carl Koen

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May 11, 2019

Jason Willemse - High end Audiophile

Bentley speakers... never owned any, and never heard them either. 

So how is it then, that I’m now sitting listening to a pair in my own beloved stereo room?


Jason Willemse

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FUZZ - Audio Forum

As some of you might know, I’ve recently gotten into this scene. Keeping that in mind, good audio to me has been more daunting than most with the absolute assault of options available to the ordinary person. Does one go stereo...

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JoziNIc - Audio Forum

Have recently joined the Forums, and the last week have been pretty much down the rabbit hole, but has been awesome so far.

So I was hoping I could get input from the boards, as you may have seen from earlier posts, I am in the process of gathering info...



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More Feedback :

My husband and I see ourselves as a bit more than just your average music lovers. We enjoy music from Jazz right through to modern Pop and good old Rock.
We have had many brands, Kef


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May 30,  2019

We then went to the cinema room, where I listened to a set of the FR100 bookshelf speakers in direct comparison to a set of R10k Monitor Audio bookshelf speakers....

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February 02, 2019

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Waiting on review

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February 02, 2019

Who will it be next?

Nothing yet.

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Waiting on review

Customer feedback :

I had the pleasure of hearing most of the Bentley Acoustic models in Rudi's lounge while he was tuning the cross-overs. They were still unpainted and unfinished, but they sounded absolutely incredible - at any price. To think they are selling at such competitive prices too... These are seriously worth a listen, and not just because we want to support local - but because they're really that good.

Just had the pleasure of listening to these Bentley Acoustics speakers and my god they do deliver with a punch. They are very clear, warm and seem to handle lots of power without any hint of distortion. The F150 which are the big boys make the B&W 683 S2 sound flat and plain. Mr Bentley has surely exceeded the expectations I had and delivered something that will be hard to beat at that price point. Well done to him and the team. I have placed my order and can't wait to have them installed at my place. - Josh Masemula

Dit het 3 skuiwe in die vertrek gekos voordat ons die gunstigste posisie vir die knape kon kry, maar man, toe hulle eers daar land, toe sing hulle dat die biesies bewe. Ek wens jy kon toe die glimlagte op ons gesigte sien! Hierdie luidsprekers is dan nog eers nie ingeloop nie, en die vertrek ook vêr van die ideaal af! Tog, wat maak dit alles saak as dit reeds so goed vir ons klink, hier in ons eie woning? Toe, op die ingewing van die oomblik, ontkoppel ons die FR-100 van die eerste versteker-stel, en koppel dit aan 'n veteraan SET buis-stel. Dit is net hier waar die FR-100 alle moontlike vooroordele wat ons miskien nog kon gekoester het, oortuigend uit die weg ruim. Die klankbeeld is 'n droom! Ryk, wyd en alles tussenin. Ons is vol vreugde hieroor. Vir ons smaak, werk die FR-100 net beter met die buiskomponente!

"your speakers made me love music all over again" well done Bentley acoustics! – Reinach (audio corporation Pretoria)

"absolutely amazing speakers, the detail the warmth, I can't stop listening “ – Bentley acoustics – Hein

"Just bought a pair of these Bentley Acoustics FS150.. Which I connected to my 400W Bryston amp system ... amazing, crystal/clear, highly-defined, powerful sound... music to my ears 😃" - Remi Bourton

I purchased a pair of Bentley Acoustics FS120 main speakers and a FC150 centre speaker to replace my existing Wharfedale Diamond 10.6 and Wharfedale 10CS centre. I have an Atmos 5.1.2 setup using an Integra 30.6 receiver.

Out of the box, built quality is very good with good craftsmanship all around. The units are very heavy therefore care needs to be taken moving them into position. I played various scenes ranging the T-Rex scene in Jurassic Park, Speeder Chase scene in Star Wars – Return of the Jedi to music ranging from Piano guys to Def Leppard and it is as if a whole new world opened with all these tracks. Very fine details were clear and identifiable, and all the sound elements had a very realistic, real life feel to them. The bass was clear and detailed without being overwhelming. Even at higher sound levels the instrumental and dialogue quality remained true and sounded real life without distortion. Before purchasing any other brand of high end speakers, I honestly suggest one must audition a set of Bentley Acoustic speakers with your favourite tracks as they offer very good sound quality and I believe it to be a worthwhile investment if you are serious about getting value for money. Herman Claassens

Ken from AUDICO “Our staff absolutely love the new Bentley Acoustics, and they listen to different brands all day , they were very impressed - for what they cost they should definitely be on your shortlist!

Hein from E-piphany “I am truly surprised at how good these speakers sound, good sensitivity, good response clear and precise especially great with a valve amp! Impressed!”

Having bought the FR100 and FC150 first, I couldn’t believe the sound that these speakers produced, outstanding quality with amazing accuracy, crisp high notes and clear vocals. These speakers alone matched many high end full home theatre systems. When the FS120 arrived, nothing could have prepared me. No need for subs! .Amazing.... certainly well worth it and with that price point unbelievable. Thank you Vaughan and Bentley Acoustics for great advice and quality products. Rajhan Govindasami, Verulam, KZN.

As a connoisseur of music of all genres, clarity and balance of the sound on my music system is of primary importance. I want to hear the triangle in an orchestral arrangement without loudness draining the moment. Therefore the audible spectrum must be clearly defined between tweeter, mid-range, low range and sub-woofer. I have searched and listened to many brands including Jamo, Kef, B&W and even ended up buying a pair of Klipch R28F. Nothing could match my Infinity series IIIA Speakers which I owned many years ago. I then listened to the FS150 Bentley Acoustics and I just had to have them! My prejudice towards local manufactured goods were eliminated without breaking the bank. These speakers are solidly built and if your budget is below R20k look no further because with the right amplifier you will enjoy High Fidelity sound guaranteed. Roelie Van Rensburg

The ethos at Bentley Acoustics is simple, build an audiophile quality speaker at an accessible price point. Finished in sleek wood, the Bentley Acoustics build quality is what you'd encounter with speakers at a much higher price point. 
The tweeter used in the range of Bentley Acoustics speakers provides a natural non fatiguing sound without losing any of the detail. Allowing for hours of listening pleasure. 
The beefy midrange drivers and woofers are full bodied but are also accurate and fast due to the special material used in the cone. This provides a balanced speaker which reproduces instruments and vocals as the were recorded. The range toping 3 way fs150 floorstanders will have you doubting the necessity to add a sub woofer. 

Whether you are looking for a full surround home theatre system with atmos, a small stereo system for your office or are somewhere in between, Bentley Acoustics has the speakers for you. Alex Singo

Klipsch 28f vs Monitor Bronze 6 vs Paradigm vs B&W 683 S2
Have tried plenty of speakers, monitor audio, Klipsch r28f, paradigm monitor 11, sonor audio, mission, tannoy etc etc....then decided to try the Bentley Acoustic 120's.
Arrived extremely well packaged, connected up and started to listen.....from the word go they were good.....very good....but after 1 week of running them in.....they are awesome.....absolutely awesome.
The detail and depth has been restored, you can hear everything like it was meant to be heard!!! Klipsch are sensitive at 97db....sure you can run them on low powered amps....but loud they are, detailed they are not. If you really want to listen and appreciate your music, definitely give the Bentley's a will not be disappointed!

Craig Wright.

They can keep their B&W. Impressed with the Bentleys. Wow the clarity is unbelievable and for the price!  ( Vinals ) are sounding great! Will try CDs tonight. When I connect my B&Ws rear and centre the clarity goes down on the music. Peter LE CLERCQ

Ronell Arumugam : Vaughan I have seen and heard your equipment in person and I must say they far superior than the build quality of well known high end speakers. Well done bud. Would definitely consider getting a set soon!



Good morning all you forumites, so i got together with Jozinic to listen to the Bentley's that he has bought and i must say i'm very impressed.
They look good and they sound spectacular. Very impressed with the build quality aswell. 


Guys - if you in the market for a new set of speakers - or if you curious to find out how they sound - go listen to them - you will probably go home with a set in your car...that's how good they are. 
And because they are locally made - their prices are very affordable against stuff imported from overseas. 
5 stars!!

These speakers are in one word - AWESOME!

They have the ability to produce base strong enough to make your couch vibrate in explosion scenes in action movies, then at same time provide crystal clear high tones for the orchestral sound tracks in the same scene.  The combination of these sounds are so distinctive that every sound is heard individually but also act perfectly together as a combination, not even coming close to distorting.

Whatever you throw at these speakers are just produced into perfect deep robust base joined together by a more than willing midrange rounded of by the crispness of the tweeter. The very responsive bass reflex system provide added base and the only reason why you will not play these speakers at full blast is your conscious telling you that you might need to replace some window putty in the window frames soon. Nic Pretorius

My DEMO: I went with the intent of having them sway me off the Klipsch R280F, which sat atop my list off my list of recent demo's between Jamo, Monitor Audio, Polk, Paradigm, Kef and Klipsch...(but secretly I thought it wouldn't happen)
We at Cinema King and we got stuck straight into some stereo demo's on the FS150s. Kicking off with some great female vocals (Diana Krall, Jasmine Thompson) & off the bat the 150s present this broad sound stage, broader than I had heard on any of the demos to date. My wife immediately commented on not only the presence of stage, but the precision & clarity "it feels like they are sitting right here singing" is what she said almost immediately.
While they project this really broad sound stage at the same time the imaging is incredibly precise...this really came through when we moved onto Stevie Ray Vaughan, and about a third of the way through Tin Pan Alley, I thought to myself my John Mayer live will sound AMAZING on these. You can hear every guitar pluck, breath of voice with insane clarity.  We move onto some more modern stuff, imagined dragons, Jesse Glynne at a third of the way on the amp the base is clear, has tone but isn't overpowering. My wife asks for the second time "are you sure this only from these 2 speakers?", my only comment on the base I liken to a boxing analogy...I feel like the klipsch base delivery hits you like gut shot right to the stomach, whereas the Bentleys base hits you with body shots all over (liver, stomach upper/lower,chest) really all the sweet spots.
Before moving onto a movie we just give the FR100 bookshelves a go on the same stereo setup & they sound amazing, clear tone, warmth, big sound stage, image THE WORKS. I hadn't demo'd any bookshelves to compare against but these sound better than my current Sony floorstanders. In my mind, I keep thinking it isn't possible that they could be this good?
We moved over to 5.1 to try batman vs superman on bluray and the center really shines in amazing harmony with the 150s. We did also demo Morne's awesome cinema room where he has the 120s as fronts and they perform almost better than the 150s driven by the bigger Yamaha, they just again project this immense stage of clarity...also the atmos just adds a whole new level to the experience
and the whole rest of the day all I could think was it just isn't possible that they can be that good...they are so good in fact that I'm unsure if I'm going to bother doing any other demo's...they are just such excellent value for money. 
So the Question is : what did I go home with? The Bentleys off course!

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