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Effortless listening

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Get ready to be blown away.
Experience clearer, more powerful sound than ever before possible by a small standalone soundbar.

All about balance
Enjoy stereo sound that's just right. The custom acoustics precisely harmonize high and mid-range frequencies while proprietary anti-distortion technology produces perfectly weighted bass.

Crisp dialogue
Never miss a word. Fine-tuned with help from award-winning Hollywood sound engineers, Ray ensures you can always follow the story.

Brings the drama
Feel like you're at the center of it all. Split waveguides project sound from wall to wall, and advanced processing accurately positions elements in the room.

Tuned to perfection
Trueplay tuning technology adapts the sound for the unique acoustics of your space so content always sounds just the way it should.
Supported iOS device required.



  • Enrich all your entertainment with the latest generation of our compact smart soundbar, now with Dolby Atmos.

  • Experience panoramic sound and crystal clear dialogue for shows, movies, and games. When the TV is off, stream music and more from all your favourite services. Control is easy with the Sonos app, your voice, and Apple AirPlay 2.

  • Add speakers to create a wireless surround sound system and enjoy multiroom listening. Everything connects over WiFi.



  • 3D sound with Dolby Atmos

  • Stream music, radio, podcasts, and more

  • Featuring eleven high-performance drivers for crisp highs, dynamic midranges, and surprising bass

  • Arc’s slim profile can be discreetly mounted or placed on furniture.

  • Arc was carefully tuned with the help of Oscar-winning sound engineers to emphasise the human voice so you never miss a word.

  • Voice control



  • Mini makes a big impact
    Feel more immersed in every scene and song with surprisingly rich, clear, and balanced low end.

  • More exhilarating home theater
    Unlock your entertainment experience when you pair Sub Mini with Beam or Ray. The 5 GHz WiFi connection enhances audio transmission speed so you can enjoy movies, shows, and games with high-quality sound reliably synced with your TV.

  • More mesmerizing music
    Never miss a beat and hear more nuance in every note when you pair Sub Mini with One or One SL.

  • Core power
    Within the acoustically sealed cabinet, dual custom woofers generate the full-toned low frequencies of a much larger subwoofer. Advanced processing further enhances the bass response.

  • No buzz or rattle
    Both woofers face inward to create a force-canceling effect that neutralizes distortion.

  • Better bass for your space
    Trueplay™ tuning technology adapts the bass for the unique acoustics of the room so it never sounds harsh, muddy, or flat—even if you place Sub Mini next to the wall.


SONOS SUB  (Gen 3)

  • All-new Sonos Sub – Hear and feel the difference with Sub, the wireless subwoofer for deep bass.

  • No buzz, just bass – Two force-canceling drivers at the center of Sub eliminate vibration and rattle so you get powerful bass without any distortion.

  • Made to be seen and heard – The award-winning and versatile design features a slim, sculptural shape and high-gloss finish. Stand Sub upright or lay it on its side.

  • Lower lows and higher highs – Sub takes over the lowest frequencies, enhancing the midrange playback from paired speakers so you experience fuller, more detailed sound.

  • More immersive entertainment – Connect Sub to Arc or Beam, and enjoy TV, movies, and video games like never before. Add a pair of One SL surrounds for an even more immersive home theater experience.

  • Expand your sound system – When you’re ready, wirelessly connect more Sonos speakers and enjoy listening in more rooms.



  • Sonos Roam – The new portable smart speaker for all your listening adventures.

  • Take incredible sound everywhere with Roam. Enjoy music, voice control, and multiroom listening at home on WiFi, plus Bluetooth streaming, all-day battery life, and waterproof durability on the go.

  • A seamless listening experience, everywhere

  • Enjoy the unmatched Sonos experience on Wifi, and stream directly from your smartphone, tablet, or computer using Bluetooth.

  • Roam automatically connects to your home network and pairs with your phone when you’re away. So all you have to think about is what to play.

  • WiFi and Bluetooth features

  • 10 hours of play time

  • Powered by a built-in rechargeable battery, Roam is ready to soundtrack your day, whether you want to unwind in the garden or escape to the backwoods.

  • Sound that defies expectations

  • Precision-engineered acoustics deliver the clarity, depth, and fullness you would expect from a much larger speaker.



  • Superb Sonic Power

  • Next-gen acoustics bring your music to life with detailed stereo separation and deep bass at any volume.

  • Min or Scale for Major Versatility

  • Place this speaker anywhere and everywhere you want to listen. The compact design fits beautifully on your bookshelf, kitchen counter, desk, or nightstand.

  • Play from any service or device

  • Wi-Fi - The best sound experience

  • Stream the highest-quality audio from anywhere in your home without interruptions from calls or notifications.

  • Bluetooth - No missed connections

  • With the press of a button, you and your family and friends can stream directly from a paired Bluetooth device.

  • Line-in - Unlock new listening possibilities

  • Connect a turntable, computer, or other audio source using an auxiliary cable and the Sonos Line-In Adapter.

  • Breeze through setup

  • Go from unboxing to unbelievable sound in just a few minutes. Simply plug in the power cable, connect your phone or tablet to WiFi, and open the Sonos app.

  • Music comes standard

  • Discover free music, original content, and thousands of live stations from around the world on Sonos Radio. Find it in the Sonos app as soon as you set up your system.

  • Tunes itself for you

  • With a tap in the Sonos app, Trueplay™ tuning technology analyses the unique acoustics of your space and optimises the speaker’s EQ. So all your content sounds just the way it should.



  • With next-level audio that hits from every direction, Era 300 doesn’t just surround you, it puts you inside your music.

  • Feel more connected to all your audio content with phenomenally clear and spacious sound. Stream from all your favorite services and devices with WiFi and Bluetooth®.

  • Connect a turntable or other audio source using an auxiliary cable and the Sonos Line-In Adapter.

  • Experience mind-bendingly realistic surround sound when you pair two Era 300 speakers with Arc and stream spatial audio with Dolby Atmos.

  • Set up is easy, and control is even easier with the Sonos app, next-generation touch controls, and your voice.

  • Feel Sound All Around

  • Take your spatial audio experience above and beyond

  • Featuring six optimally positioned drivers all around the front, sides, and top to support Dolby Atmos Music, the breakthrough acoustic design projects sound from wall to wall and floor to ceiling, immersing you in every dimension of the song.3

  • Make the whole room the sweet spot

  • No matter where you are or what you play, the listening experience is nothing short of extraordinary. Custom waveguides accurately disperse sound right, left, forward, and above, creating a sensationally spacious stereo soundstage you can feel all around the room.

  • An acoustic and aesthetic masterpiece

  • The first-of-its-kind design exquisitely balances sonic performance and visual appeal, precisely angling each driver while looking worthy of display.




  • A new look

  • The updated design features new details and a monochromatic finish.

  • The latest technology

  • Increased memory and processing power provide improved performance.

  • Ultra-wide soundstage

  • Two precisely-angled side tweeters create spatial extension and rich stereo sound while a centre tweeter optimises vocal playback.

  • Deep bass

  • Five's unrivalled acoustic design features three high-excursion woofers within a sealed architecture that eliminates reverb and echo.

  • Enhanced with Trueplay™

  • Trueplay puts the speaker-tuning capability of the pros in the palm of your hands, customising the sound of the speaker to the unique acoustics of the room.

  • Horizontal

  • When positioned horizontally, Five automatically separates the left and right channels for impressive stereo sound.


  • Vertical

  • Pair two speakers and each smartly adjusts to mono for more detailed stereo separation and an even wider soundstage.


  • Line-in and play

  • Connect your turntable, CD player, projector, or other devices directly to Five using the 3.5 mm jack.

  • Six Class-D digital amplifiers perfectly tuned to the speaker's acoustic architecture.


SONOS Move 2

  • Finely tuned to your surroundings

  • Enjoy surprisingly rich bass, a wide soundstage, and automatic Trueplay™ tuning, which continually adapts the sound for where you are and what you’re listening to.


  • Weather-resistant

  • With an IP56 rating, Move stands up to humidity, rain, snow, dust, salt spray, UV rays, and extreme heat and cold.

  • Battery that lasts

  • Enjoy up to 11 hours of continuous playtime and rich sound. Easily recharge Move on the included base, or get power on the go with a compatible USB-C charger.

  • Grab and go

  • The move fits seamlessly into the included charging base and features an ergonomic handle, making it easy to pick up and carry.

  • Ultra-durable

  • Don't worry about accidental drops or bumps. Move's components are protected by a hardwearing, shock-resistant case.

  • Simple recharging

  • Get up to 11 hours of battery life. Set the speaker on the included indoor charging base for quick power whilst you listen and get power wherever you need it with an additional charging base.




  • Enjoy music, podcasts, audiobooks, and internet radio with your amplified audio equipment. You can also stream vinyl, CDs, and stored audio files to Sonos speakers in other rooms of your home.


  • Stream sound directly from your iPhone or iPad and ask Siri to play Apple Music.


  • Use the line-in to connect your phone or another device to your stereo.



  • Audio line-in to bring your record player, CD player, or other audio sources into the Sonos ecosystem.

  • Audio line-out through either analogue RCA or digital coaxial for connecting amplified audio equipment.

  • 12V trigger turns on your stereo or receiver automatically when a signal is sent so there are no extra steps or remote needed.

  • Adjustable bass and treble control to optimise sound performance. Adjust the volume by individual room or by groups of rooms.



  • Power Everything


  • Connect everything from your turntable and stereo to your wired speakers to enjoy vinyl, CDs, stored audio files, and streaming. You can even power outdoor speakers and expand your Sonos system to the garden.


  • Enjoy stereo sound for shows, films, and video games when you connect Amp to your speakers and TV. Wirelessly add a pair of Sonos One surrounds for immersive home cinema.


  • The rack-mountable design features a specially developed heatsink for optimised airflow and heat management.


  • Class-D digital amplifier. 125 W/Ch at 8 ohms

  • Line-In Sources Supported: Audio device with analogue RCA output or optical output optical adaptor required. TV device with HDMI ARC or optical output optical adaptor required.

  • Subwoofer output: Auto-detecting RCA type, user-adjustable 50-110 Hz crossover

  • Speaker output connections: Banana plugs 2 capable of stereo or dual-mono sound.

  • Adjustable bass and treble control to optimise sound performance. Adjust the volume by individual room or by groups of rooms.


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