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Denon Receiver Setup - Models 2018 up
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First run a basic mic setup to get the distances etc sorted. Then:

1.  Select "setup"

2. Select "speakers"

3. Select "manual setup"

4. Speaker config.  Floorstander (FS110 up) = Large / Everything else = small (FR and FC models)

5. Set Levels Front +2  / Centre +6 up to +10  /  Rear +6  /  Ceilings +8 (or leave them the way the mic set it although I prefer the personalized settings

6. a) Crossovers - Set all to 80hz IF YOU ARE USING AN ACTIVE SUB

     b) Individual settings - set front to 40hz if you are not using a sub

7. Bass - Set to LFE + main (with subwoofer)  LPF 120hz



1. Select PURE on the remote - Press pure on the remote until it shows "Direct" this will play the recording- music or movie STRAIGHT from the source's signal 
In other words it will automatically switch to the best DSP mode - Stereo for music - DOLBY for Movies.

If the movie is 5.1 it will switch to Dolby Digital 5.1 -  if the movie is 7.1 it will switch to DTS or whatever the movie is recorded in.

MAKE SURE ALL EQ and AUDEYSSEY modes are set to OFF

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