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Yamaha Receiver Setup - Models 2019 up

First run a basic mic setup to get the distances etc sorted. Then:

1.  Select "settings"

2. Select "speaker"

3. Select "configuration"

4. Set your speaker sizes.  Floorstander (FS110 up) = Large / Everything else = small (FR and FC models)

a) If front is set to large the crossover will automatically be set to full band

b) set crossover to 80hz for all speakers not considered large

c) subwoofer - USE on - Phase Normal

5. Set Levels Front +2  / Centre +6 up to +10  /  Rear +6  /  Ceilings +8 (or leave them the way the mic set it although I prefer the personalized settings


On the drop down "OPTIONS" menu select

1. Dialogue - Level 1

2. Enhancer ON - Hi res mode ON

3. Extra Bass - ON


1. Select STRAIGHT on the remote - this will play the recording- music or movie STRAIGHT from the source's signal 
In other words it will automatically switch to the best DSP mode - Stereo for music - DOLBY for Movies.

If the movie is 5.1 it will switch to Dolby Digital 5.1 -  if the movie is 7.1 it will switch to DTS or whatever the movie is recorded in.

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