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Personal Reviews

In this section I will explain my scores based on my personal experience with various receivers and speakers.  Bare in mind that I am no expert reviewer, but I feel that I have sufficient experience (Since 1994) to give an honest non bias opinion regarding everyday features and use.  I love clarity more than warmth, If a speakers sounds warm but not clear enough I deduct points!

Pricing is a huge factor so I calculated double points on price (value for money), also if an amplifier/receiver performs exceptionally well in certain areas they might score more than 10 in that category.  Three international reviews also get added as an average ( WHAT HIFI / CRUTCHFIELD / BESTBUY ) 



Sound quality



Built quality

Speakers - Clarity / Vocals / Bass - If a speakers sounds muddy or muffled it will score very low.  Customer feedback and value for money.

Keep in mind when I do reviews I use my honest everyday experience, I have no need to lie and I can't benefit from false reviews.  I am not your average high mark up store, this is my hobby/passion and I always want the best for my customers.


Make no mistake, I'm not a soundbar fan! I think they are a way of cheating the true experience, but I fully understand that financial implications play a role and space etc etc.. So I based my rating purely on how good I think they sound, for what you pay.

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