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Denon Marantz Onkyo Yamaha Pioneer / Which is best and why.

We all know Denon and Marantz are very very good, but how good are they compared to the new Onkyo and Pioneer?

The new Onkyo 6100 won the title of best overall amplifier for 2023 and the Onkyo RZ50 won best product 2023.

This should say a lot about the new Onkyo receivers, but what about Pioneer? Yes the new Pioneer receivers are manufactured by Onkyo and they are BRILLIANT! The Pioneer 305 and Pioneer 505 are probably the best value for money and does everything you want a receiver to do.

This is how I would score them based on Value for money & Sound quality .

Denon X2800H 8 Denon X3800H 9

Denon X4800H 9

Denon X6700H 10

Marantz Cinema 60 8

Marantz Cinema 50 8

Marantz Cinema 40 9

Pioneer VSX LX305 9

Pioneer VSX LX505 10

Onkyo RZ50 10

Onkyo 6100 10

Onkyo 7100 9

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