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Onkyo - how good are they really?

The new range of Onkyo's came in with a bang!

Model line up

393 5.2

5100 7.2

6100 7.2

7100 9.2

RZ50 9.2

RZ70 11.2

So how good are they?

VERY VERY VERY good is the short and sweet answer! These home cinema amplifiers are not just value for money but hold their own against brands such as Denon and Marantz.

If we take the Onkyo 6100, a 7.2 channel 100Wx2 stereo or 170Watt total power for movies with Dolby Atmos, 4k/8k Dolby Vision HDR+ and an array of other features, its no wonder it won the best overall amp of the year! It's really the amplifier to go for if your budget is under 20k!

Onkyo TXNR6100

Then we get to the RZ50! Oh my word this is a beautiful amplifier with 120Wx2 stereo and a whopping 250W for movies! 9.2 channels with a sweet clear and detailed sound! This amp does everything you want it to, I think if it had arms it would make coffee too! It out plays amps twice the price like the Marantz SR7015 and the Denon X4700H. This amp is everything you will ever need, nothing even comes close to it at the price (under 40k). Definitely my favorite amplifier for 2024. No wonder it also won the best product of the year - Europe EISA award.

Onkyo RZ50

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